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Compulsory Tools For New Home Owners

Moving into your very first house can be quite hard, especially when you do not have any or do not know what essential tools you should fill your toolbox with. So take a read of this article to help you fill your toolbox with the essentials.


Drill and Drill Bits

Battery-powered, and, multipurpose drill and driver will be useful for numerous works and projects around the house. Make sure to grab some drill bits, a selection of Phillips head, slotted, and square drive bits in different sizes to assist you with any repair jobs.


Adjustable Crescent Wrench

There’s no need for you to get a full set of wrenches, a couple of adjustable wrenches will suffice. Adjustable wrenches’ jaws can be adjusted to fit different sizes of nuts and bolts. You do not need to remove them from the nut or bolt to tighten it because some self-adjusting wrenches have self-ratcheting function.



Add in a hammer or two to your toolbox as a starter. Get two different hammers, one is lightweight, the other is heavy weight. Simple rule for using hammers: heavy hammers are used to drive in nails in outdoor projects and construction projects. A pin hammers (light) are used to drive in fasteners like pins and tacks into place.


Extension Cord

A crucial and must have item around the house, especially if you’re going to throw outdoor parties, or simply need to shed some light in the dark corners of your house. Of course, not to forget, for renovation projects or the likes of it.



Get a bigger cutting tool, a utility knife only will not suffice. Get a hacksaw, suitable for cutting woods, metal and plastic pipes, tubing, conduit, brackets, threaded rods and bolts.


Nails, Screws

It’s always good to have a box of general-purpose screws and nails around your house so you’ll a range of choice available and to from. Store them in a box with compartments to help segregate the nails and screws into their respective sizes and types.


Tape Measure

This tool will be indispensable to you. You’ll need it when you measure for window blinds, curtains, hanging artwork or furniture. A 25’ will do well for you, should you have to measure a room’s square footage or do some measuring for your yard.  


Utility Knife

Easy to carry, easy to store in your pockets, satchel, or simply hold it in your hand. You can use it cut open boxes’ seal, removing chalk, cutting off the top of glue bottles and breaking down boxes.


Step Stool

A step stool would be much more studier and stable than a chair. A step stool will be useful if you need to change the lightbulbs or clean the cobwebs off the corner of your ceiling.



Get a pack of different types and sizes manual screwdrivers’ set will be useful and handy to have around when you have a simple job like tightening door hinges or knobs, or changing out switch plate. Get Pozidriv, Phillips, slotted or you just get a manual screwdriver with interchangeable heads.


Scrappy/Putty Knife

This knife is very useful for removing old decorative coverings or scraping off those old flaky paints from you wall. You can also use it for applying spackle.



You might want to at least in your home, especially for your toilet. To avoid your toilet or a part of your home from being submerged. Even you’re just a renter, you’ll be needing this.



Get a set of pliers that has a variety of shapes and sizes in your toolbox. Locking pliers will be useful for gripping. Channel lock pliers are suitable for valves and pipes. If you need to get into those small tight places and if you’re a crafter, small needle-nose pliers will do the trick. If there are wires needed stripping, electrician pliers will do the job with its fine point.


A Set of Allen Keys or Hex Keys

Some furniture (especially Ikea’s), hanging towel bars, or bicycles will be needing help from these to be put together. You can get a set of these with self-ratcheting handle.


Safety/Protection Gear

It’s all well and good having a complete toolbox in your home. But do not forget to wear protective gear when you working on house improvement projects or repairs. Here the few basic items you should keep on hand. First, you should have a pair of plastic or leather-type work gloves for dirty work or gardening work. Have a pair of ear protection on when you are working with power yard tools like mower and blower. Next, plastic goggles (is a must) to protect your eyes especially when you are working on glasswork or a type of caustic solutions. A dust mask to cover and protect your face from all of the above works.


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