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Painting Tips For Starters

Painting Hacks: How to Paint Like A Pro

Keep Your Brush Soft

Every painters know and annoyed with stiff brush problems, it went stiff after a single day of use.

To avoid this and keeps your paint brush soft:

  • Wash it thoroughly (do not use soap)
  • Make a mixture; half of cup fabric softener, and a gallon of warm water.
  • Dip and swish the brush in the mixture for 30 minutes.
  • Hang them over a peg or lay them off for overnight, to completely dry them off

With this, the bristle won’t be stiff for your next use, plus you don’t have rinse it before using. Because the fabric softener help to distribute paint evenly.

Wrap Coverings

Put covers around a standalone sink or toilet using plastic wrap covering to prevent dripping paint from ruining its finish. For extra security, you can get the one with adhesive at the back to secure the wrap in its place. If you want to feel like a pro painter, you can look for plastic wrap coverings especially made for painters.

Reduce Paint Odour Using Lemon And Vanilla Extract

The odour of fresh new paint can be quite intense. Sprinkle a bit of vanilla into your to masked the odour. The vanilla will keep your painted room smelling sweet for weeks.

You can add vanilla extract into dark colour paints. If you add the vanilla extract into light colour paints, the tint from the extract might ruin your paint colour. So for light colour paint, use lemon extract instead.

Use Old T-Shirts as Rags

Using roll after roll of paper towels is not really environmental friendly (not economically as well). Instead, take out your old, dirty t-shirts and turn them rags for you to use. Use them to clean paint splatters or cover floor drips.

Q-Tips, Always Keep Them With You

A drop of red paint splashed on your newly-varnished oak table, and this where Q-tips come to the rescue. Gently apply your Q-tip on that drop (you don’t want to make it worse by spreading it). You can use Q-tips to touch up those small imperfections on the wall. Especially the small areas.

Vaseline For Hinges and Screws.

Apply Vaseline using Q-tips on the parts you don’t want to paint, like hinges and screws. Vaseline’s petroleum-jelly should prevent your doors’ and windows’ seals from sticking.

Remove Painter’s Tape Using Hair Dryer For Easier Removal

The pesky painter’s tape, where it supposed to help you make your painting chores easier.

Instead become quite the hindrance when you’re peeling it off and the paint is peeled off along with it. Melt its stubbornness using a hair dryer.

Hold the hair dryer three inches away from the tape and blow it with low heat. This helps to soften the adhesive on the tape and peeling it off easier.

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